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Family Development

ACPF Family Promotion & Protection

The Family Promotion and Protection programme is mandated to strategize and further the objectives of this thematic area. The family is the natural and fundamental unit of society and the necessary basis of social order, and deserves protection by the state. However, in many countries, this is not the case. The family has gone under onslaughts from both internal and external sources with individual members being affected.
Our Objectives
  1. To influence legal-social responses and pro-action on Family issues.
  2. To ensure values based interactions within the Family in Africa.
  3. To lobby against the abuse and disregard of Religious and Cultural Family Values in Africa.
  4. To build collaboration and partnerships between different actors in promoting the Family at the National & Continental Level.
  5. To encourage and build the capacity of professionals to promote and protect the family in their different capacities.
  6. To highlight and find solutions to the current challenges/threats to the Family.
  7. Champion New generational input in Family- Life Advocacy through creation of chapters for Family-life Advocacy in learning institutions.
  8. Promote Family development and growth for people living with disabilities.
  9. Increase advocacy on family through publications, research, bills, policies and programs.
  10. Build capacity of religious leaders and civil society organisations working to support family values.