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Governance & Leadership

ACPF Good Governance & Leadership Programme

The good governance and leadership programme is mandated to strategize and further the objectives of this thematic area. Good governance and leadership is defined by the following; integrity, transparency and accountability, and participation of the people.Servant leadership, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Accountability, Responsibility and Going beyond the call of duty. In this lies the solution to a better continent.
Our Objectives
  1. Lobby African Governments on various key issues of concern to ACPF Governance Programme.
  2. Conduct training of Government officials on issues that are key to the mandate of ACPF.
  3. Promote and recognize good governance and leadership in the Continent.
  4. Craft specific strategies of engagement with the Legislative arm of Government, both at national and Continental level
  5. Promote Culture Change both in national and Continental level.
  6. Provide an ethical voice in politics and Governance in Africa.