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Protecting Life

ACPF Life: Protection and Promotion of Human Dignity

The life protection and promotion of human dignity programme is mandated to strategize and further the objectives of this thematic area. ACPF beliefs that ‘The life of a person begins at conception’, and the mission of Jesus in John 10:10, the programme works to uphold the respect and sanctity of human life in collaboration with other pro-life organizations to promote and protect human life and dignity.
  1. To conduct annual March for Life in each country in Africa.
  2. To enhance the prolife culture in Africa.
  3. To empower Youth Leaders in various social spheres of society to provide sexuality teachings and self-awareness programs.
  4. To influence legal-social responses and pro-action on life issues.
  5. To train the youth on the human life cycle and ensure value based interactions within young people in the African society.
  6. To build collaboration and partnerships between different actors in promoting Life at the County & National Level.
  7. To encourage and build the capacity of professionals to promote and protect life in their different capacities.
  8. To highlight and find solutions to the current challenges/threats to Life.
  9. To increase advocacy on life issues through publications, research, bills, policies and programs.
  10. Build capacity of religious leaders and civil society organisations who share similar life views