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About Us


Africa Christian Professionals Forum, ACPF bring together African Christian Professionals from various denominations sharing the common values on life, family, Education, Religious Freedom and Governance.

These are our foundations that shape organizational culture and guide daily behavior of members and employees.


1. Accountability: being responsible and transparent in our actions, conduct and management of our resources.

2. Professionalism: adherence to standards, conduct, methods, levels of excellence and competence that is expected of a professional.

3. Courage: being bold, steadfast, firm and consistent about our Christian faith and doctrinal basis and standing for what is right.

4. Integrity: commitment to virtuous, moral, ethical and biblical principles for the good of all. It includes having honesty, truthfulness, consistency and moral character both in private and public life.

5. Stewardship: prudent management of people, resources, finances, talents and skills.


5th Floor. New Waumini House, Nairobi.

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