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Religious Freedom

ACPF Religious Freedom Programme

The ACPF religious freedom programme shall strategize for and further Religious Freedom and in Africa.

The church and religious institutions in many countries have suffered because of the interference by the state or individuals in their exercise of religious freedom. In some countries religious institutions have been forced not to carry out their activities in accordance with their conscience and beliefs. Attempts have been made in other jurisdictions to prevent the church through the law of hate speech on carrying out its prophetic mandate. Others through legislation and judicial decisions have forced the church to act contrary to their conscience by withdrawing its involvement in recruitment of its own employees and the running of its educational, welfare and charitable activities.

Religious freedom is a fundamental theme of our society. That freedom has been asserted by men and women throughout history by resisting the attempts of government, through its legislative, executive or judicial branches, to define or impose beliefs or practices of religion. Whenever the legislature prescribes what religion is, or permits or requires the executive or the judiciary to determine what religion is, it poses a threat to religious freedom. It is against this background that ACPF has established this programme to ensure that this fundamental right is promoted and protected.